Landing Pages – Keeping it Simple

My three three things that a successful landing page should have (& nothing else)

  1. Simple message
  2. Form to collect emails address
  3. Thanks & opportunity to share/recommend

1 Simple Message

Can a user answer these 3 questions:

1. What am I getting
2. How do I get it
3. Why I can’t live without it

If not, then maybe consider changing your landing page.

2. Form to Collect Email Address

Try and have as little information collection as possible (email, password & password Confirmation)

3. Thank user and opportunity to share/recommend

Ok, so not exactly on the landing page, but on the after-submission page (after the user has provided their email address) Thank the user the for their submission, then give them the change to share the offer (facebook, twitter, linked-in, etc).


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