Ruby Motion – Access Controller in the Console

Much easier with bubble-wrap gem installed. In the console I can then type: App.window.rootViewController.childViewControllers Which in my case shows: => [#, #] So to get access to the UserController I can do userController = App.window.rootViewController.childViewControllers[1] => # Remember to declare variables as attr_accessor

Node.js – using zappa Coffeescript makes my javascript much better.


git legit makes git a bit more sensible

OSX Flush DNS Cache

dnscacheutil -flushcache

Javascript – One line if statement

var draggable = (disabled) ? false : true;

Mysqldump – Backup and Restore

Backup mysqldump -u devise -ppassword -h database_name > backup.sql Restore mysql -u -ppassword database_name < backup.sql

Website scaling – no magic formula

Lately I’ve spoken to numerous entrepreneurs all keen to ensure that their new website can rapidly scale to cater for the massive amount of traffic that their brilliant idea will bring in. Thought I would write up a bit of advice from the trenches. Scaling is easy and incredibly difficult at the same time. Easy [...]

Upgrading to Lion server from OSX server 10.5.8

Unfortunately one cannot upgrade from OSX Server 10.5.x straight to Lion Server. There are two choices Upgrade to Snow Leopard Server (if you can find a copy & are prepared to shell out $400 or so. Then upgrade to Lion via the app store. Rebuild server as Snow Leopard workstation then upgrade to Lion server [...]

Landing Pages – Keeping it Simple

My three three things that a¬†successful¬†landing page should have (& nothing else) Simple message Form to collect emails address Thanks & opportunity to share/recommend 1 Simple Message Can a user answer these 3 questions: 1. What am I getting 2. How do I get it 3. Why I can’t live without it If not, then [...]

Options pricing – a little deeper

Getting a bit mathematical now. When pricing an option, we are attempting to put a value on the probability of future price movements. So we are now terribly interested in the mean and standard deviation of an underlyings price movements. The mean is the average price movement, whilst the standard deviation tells us how far [...]